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Villa Maly is today an exquisite luxury boutique hotel, ensconced by a profusion of tropical flora. The hotel is only 15 minutes drive from Luang Prabang International Airport and located in the heart of, UNESCO World Heritage site, Villa Maly lies within walking distance of the main attractions, places of interest and nearby attractions.

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Superior Room: Each of the superior rooms at Villa Maly can lay claim to its own distinct appeal, featuring custom arrangements and distinguished artwork. The rooms do share similarities in hardwood floors, vibrant colors, slate-walled bathrooms, flat screen televisions and views of the gardens or pool. Some superior rooms boast a king sized bed; others offer a pair of beds. All promise a very individualized experience. Superior rooms have an average of 24 sqm living area.


Deluxe Room: With king beds, wonderfully subdued colors and ample natural light, the deluxe rooms rank as the Villa’s most exquisite accommodation. Some of the Deluxe rooms occupy space in the home at the heart of Villa Maly, now known as Plumeria but once the residence of Princess Khampieng and Prince Khamtan and their children. The furnishings in each of the rooms was specially designed for Villa Maly and crafted by artisans in Saigon. The desks, the bedsteads, wardrobes and tables each add to the singular ambiance of Villa Maly. Our Deluxe rooms average from 37 sqm upwards in size.



The facilities include “LE VETIVER”, an alfresco perfect dining experience, sited on a wooden deck, appointed with a warm rose wood furnishing and sheltered by a canopy. Various delectable flavours and a local Laos traditional cuisine are served all day long.


On the ground floor of Plumeria at Villa Maly, there is Mouhot’s. A bar, yes. But it’s more than that. It’s an out-of-the way watering hole for those who want a quiet drink, and those inclined to lift a glass in the memory of the bar’s namesake, Henri Mouhot. After the French naturalist Mouhot rediscovered Angkor, he travelled through Luang Prabang and fell prey to malaria. You don’t have to worry about malaria at the Villa Maly. But rest assured, there is plenty of quinine (tonic water) behind our bar!


Poolside Dining

On a balmy Luang Prabang evening, what could be better than a poolside barbecue and hotpot in the midst of Villa Maly. At our Sindad, our servers will whet your appetite as they parade-tantalizing cuts of well marinated tenderloin, ribs, pork, shrimp and fresh seafood to your table. We’ll fire up the grill and leave you to cook selections to your liking. Meanwhile, we’ll leave a steaming hotpot to simmer its delights. Our wine list complements both the grill and the hotpot.

The Garden

Our garden exhibits a profusion of tropical life: frangipanis, ginger, orchids, lilies, gardenias, mango trees and many others. It is a place to linger, either with a cup of coffee after breakfast or on a stroll after dinner.

Day Spa

In our two-table, poolside venue, our masseuses practice time-honoured traditional Laos spa techniques, with Marelli fans, vibrant, tropical colours and hardwood floors, the spa reveals its own aesthetic charm. The treatment rooms including massages and facials bring another layer of relaxation to dazzling stays at the luxurious residence.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool

The swimming pool remains in its original location, imagined anew with alternating swaths of black and white mosaic tiles. Villa Maly has been rated one of the best swimming pool hotel in Luang Prabang.

Other Services

Wi-Fi, Air-conditioning, Flat screen TV, Safety box, Direct dialling (local & international) and coffee/tea making facilities.

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